Twin Falls is great! We have amazing scenery, tons of recreational activities, and a lot of great food establishments. But not everybody is happy. There are arguably a good number of things that Twin Falls needs. Here are the top 10 listener suggested things that Twin Falls needs.

  • 1

    A Dollar Theater

    A dollar theater would be great!

    The movie theater scene has gone through a big change in the last few years with the construction of the theater in the mall and the closing of the Drive In theaters and the Twin Cinema 12.

  • 2

    Better Road Construction

    Specifically it was mention that we need road work teams that work 24 hours a day or at night. Currently it seems that the construction is always going on when everyone else in trying to drive and that just causes problems. if the road work happened after rush hour or overnight that would ease the traffic and stress,

  • 3

    An Event Center

    This one has been brought up since the beginning of time it seems. The Filer Fairgrounds are great for many events but not for everything. A nice event center would allow for larger acts and groups to come into town and bring in revenue.

  • 4

    A Sports Team

    Why not? A pro or semi-pro sports team in the Magic Valley would be great. It would also go great with the number 3 idea of an event center.

  • 5

    A Mini Golf Course

    This one was interesting that it came up a few times yet we already have two mini golf courses in Twin Falls. One at Anderson Camp and another indoors at Laser Mania.

  • 6

    A New City Pool Or Water Park

    This one came up a bunch too. People seem to be getting bored of the Twin Falls City Pool. It is great sometimes and they have fun events - but they also close for swim meets and the kid swim/wading area is always crowded. There also isn't a hot tub.

  • 7

    New Apparel Stores

    We have a lot of construction gong on bringing in stores and restaurants - but it seems the businesses coming to town aren't the ones you want. Suggestions are IKEA, Nordstrom's Rack, a good hat store, and Kohl's.

  • 8

    Better Restaurant Options

    Specifically mentioned were a new Mexican restaurant, seafood, a Chuckarama, and Texas Road House.

  • 9

    Improve Rock Creek Park

    I haven't been down to Rock Creek Park in a few years. But it has always had a bad reputation.

    You suggested that better Police patrolling would help or making the park into a kayak/canoe park which sounds pretty awesome too!

  • 10

    A New Bus Company

    This one came in two parts - one is that we need a public transportation company.

    The other side was the current school bus company. If there were another option then the bus company might feel the need to do better.

    We have had issues with the bus company and their schedules and lateness but last year my kids really liked their driver and often the lateness was due to weather or vehicle issues.

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