Summer is on the way and chances are you have already worn shorts and flip flops this year. You would think that getting ready for looking good in the sun would be easy. How can you go wrong? You just put on some sunscreen, a swim suit and sandals, and a light t-shirt - right? Wrong! It is very easy to get it all wrong and look very out of place in the sun. Here are the Top 10 Worst Summer Fashion Mistakes.

Let's start off with #1...

  1. Socks with sandals. No matter what anybody says - this is never OK!
  2. Having a bad fake tan, especially if you can see streaks. Get it done at a salon or let mother nature do it.
  3. Wearing a swim suit that's too small. Some guys may disagree on certain women...
  4. Having a beer belly. Especially if you are wearing a Speedo (which I think falls into the swim suit that is too small).
  5. Clothes with the American flag on them. Save it for your truck bumper sticker. Merica!
  6. Flip-flops. I have to disagree with this one - when the sun is shining I live in sandals!
  7. Obvious tan lines. Farmer's tan...enough said.
  8. Wearing a lot of make-up at the beach. It will not look good once a wave hits you.
  9. Accidentally tucking the back of your skirt into your underwear which apparently happens to women more often than you'd think and shouldn't happen any other season either.
  10. Letting yourself get so sunburned that you turn purple and peel.

Are there any other fashion mistakes you have seen? Let us know in the comments below.

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