Technology is a beast! It seems like we have a new, awesome, and useful technological advancement every day...but that usually means the end of some of our old favorite technology. Here are the top 5 tech gadgets that will be gone in 5 years. While reading th elist try to imagine life without these gadgets and remember the groundbreaking gadgets from years ago that we somehow live without (like cassette tapes and laser discs).

  1. DVD and Blu-ray. The internet gurus seem to think that with the massive growth of online streaming companies like HULU and Netflix - nobody is going to be using discs in 5 years. Which actually sounds great to me - since mine are always destroyed after the first viewing by the kids!
  2. Standalone GPS Units. I am behind the times on this one since I have never had or used a GPS system. Most new cars and cell-phones have a GPS built in so the need to have something like a Tom-Tom is no longer there.
  3. Digital Cameras. Not all cameras will be gone, but the low end cameras that don't do much more than your basic smart phone will be gone. So take a picture of your camera for your memory book.
  4. Car Keys. This seems crazy to me - but it may just be a sign of where I am at with technology! I know that tons of new cars don't require the use of a key, but to think that we won't need a key at all in 5 years blows my mind. You can even open some car doors now with cell phone apps!
  5. Dial-up Internet. No big surprise here since I didn't know dial-up was even an option anymore.

The crazy part about these is that many of them are - in my mind - relatively new technology. So to think that this new technology is already being replaced is crazy. It will be exciting to see if the trend continues and to see what great new invention comes along to replace our current tech.

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