With now less than a week until Christmas you've probably caught up on multiple viewings of Elf, Polar Express, and The Santa Clause movies.

What you might need now is a movie a little more aimed at adults and not 3 year old kids (looking at you Frozen). So below we have a list of the top 7 darkest Christmas movies...keep in mind that we are including some movies based on the time they take place and not whether they actually have anything to do with Christmas or not.

  1. "Die Hard".  Obviously it's an action movie - but it's also a Christmas movie.
  2. "Gremlins".  Gizmo was given as a Christmas gift...but people die and you may have nightmares after watching it.
  3. "Bad Santa".  It's very adult oriented and about a drunk Santa who also robs people.
  4. "Jack Frost".  Just before Christmas, a serial killer named Jack Frost gets turned into a snowman. This one came out in the 70's.
  5. "The Family Man".  Nothing Christmassy about this one except for the timing.
  6. "Black Christmas".  Sorority girls getting killed.  Ho Ho Ho.
  7. "Batman Returns".  It takes place at Christmas and decorations are used as weapons.

Arguably I'd also add on Home Alone - even though you probably watch it with your kids. That movie is all about a kid so neglected by his family they forget to take him on their trip and he has to booby trap his own house with some pretty sadistic traps to keep burglars out.

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