If you ask the youth of today about the song Africa, many of them will reference the band Weezer. My kids know that Weezer covered the song and that Toto are the originators of the tune but that song is now associated with Weezer. And that isn't a bad thing. When a current popular band covers one of your classic hits it opens up the doors for an entire new demographic of fans. So, when Toto hits the road this year on tour you will no doubt see a mix of youth and adults excited to hear some great classic rock.

I'm also glad that Weezer didn't really mess with the style or tone in their remake as you can hear in the video above. Pretty cool to see Weird Al pretending to sing the song too. Don't forget that Toto has new music they'll be playing too. Last year they released a son called Devil's Tower which is a pretty rocking song!

Toto will be in Salt Lake City on September 24th, in Las Vegas September 22nd, and in Denver, Colorado on September 25th if you are looking for the closest shows to Southern Idaho.

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