To prove that the Internet just keeps getting weirder, I have something for you. A truck driver delivering skinny jeans to Twin Falls shared a video. Yes, you read that right. Plus, as a bonus, he don't like Idaho.

I love this guy. He refers to himself as "TheRightBrotha" on YouTube. He's a truck driver for Macy's and he's on a mission. What is that mission? To make sure you have easy access to skinny jeans. I'm not making this up.

This dude is hilarious. The video really starts to get good at about the 2:56 mark. That's when he starts talking about Twin Falls and all the hardships he goes through to get you your skinny jeans.

He was obviously trying to drive through our area last March during our last really significant snowfall. Visibility was awful and made truck driving especially not fun.

His video is entitled "I just don't like Idaho", but he never really explains that. Is he joking or is it because of the weather? Maybe it's our love of skinny jeans. Inquiring minds want to know.

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