A local 8-year-old boy has a birthday party planned on Saturday at a park in Twin Falls. When the young boy was asked what he wants for his special day, his responce was "some kids to play with." This is one smart kid, because there is no better gift than friendship.

Meet Damien everyone. There are two things you need to know about him. First, he's a big Pokemon fan, and second, he has a pretty awesome haircut. Damien, like a lot of kids right now, is feeling cooped up after several months of cold weather, and just wants to get outside and have some fun. So, his family has planned a party for him this Saturday, April 24.

His family shared this great picture of him in a recent post to Twin Falls / Rants & Raves. I've been a member of the group for a couple of years, and just wanted to do my part to make sure he has an awesome day.

His mother, Amanda Anderson, stated in the post that Damien is autistic, and has had his share of struggles being accepted by some local kids. Well, he just made one new friend today, and will be joining me during my radio show this Thursday afternoon. Something tells me we will be talking about Pokemon, so I better brush up.

Food is being handled by the family, and no gifts have been asked from those who would like to stop by. The real gift to Damien would be a few minutes of your time, and of course, the chance to meet some of the area kids for some activites, snacks and cake. His birthday was April 17, but the weather prevented any sort of outdoor celebration.

Damien's official birthday bash is this Saturday at Oregon Trail Park. The barbeque starts at 3P.M. For questions, you can text Amanda, at 208-280-9493. Please bring your own chairs.

From all of us at Townsquare Media in Twin Falls, we hope Damien has a great day, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

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