A Twin Falls mother has taken to social media to try to track down her son's bicycle that was stolen recently from their front yard. The bike was a Christmas gift.

Marissa McKnight shared the story of the theft of the Giant XTC Jr 24 on the Rants/Raves Twin Falls Facebook page on March 15. The bike is valued at approximately $300. It was stolen from the front yard of their home near 8th Avenue East, just a few blocks from Albertsons.

"My boys were at school, and I was at work," said McKnight. "We saw it at 7:45 a.m., and it was gone when we got home at 3:30 p.m."

McKnight stated the bike was a very special gift due to the fact the family had fallen on tough financial times recently.

"We have had a very rough three years. I was in a homeless shelter for a while," said McKnight. "We are just getting back on our feet."

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Marissa McKnight

If you have any information on the theft of this bicycle, please call 208-647-1358.





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