I recently lost my father. In the days since his passing, there have been some strange occurrences that a Twin Falls clairvoyant believes is my father playing mind games with me.

My dad died on February 20. He passed away at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center at the age of 86. The funeral and burial have come and gone, and shortly after Snake River National Cemetery employees lowered my dad into the ground I've been receiving pennies from heaven, according to this very spiritual woman.

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It started a couple of days ago when my seven-year-old boy picked up a penny that was on the ground in the dirt next to the driver's side of my truck. The date on the penny just so happened to be from the year I was born. We laughed it off, but I kept it for good luck at the request of my wife, who is also a believer that the deceased have the ability to communicate in some form with the living.

The next day, I found another penny in the same area near my truck. The date on it was 1965, which is the year my dad graduated from the University of Minnesota. After days of going through my father's personal paperwork following his death in Twin Falls, I had committed to memory the years that were important ones in his life.

Yup, you guessed it. Later, that same day, I found another penny once again on the same side of my truck. I cleared some mud off of it and saw the date was 1976. That was the year my father was discharged from the military after nearly a decade of service in both the United States Air Force and Marine Corps.

Are these findings a coincidence? Probably, but not according to that Twin Falls clairvoyant.

Has anyone out there ever felt like they were being contacted in some way by a deceased relative in the days after they passed on? If so, what happened?

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