I don't think I'll be able to rest comfortably until I actually play a hand in joining two people together from the local Craigslist / Missed Connections page. It has become a mission of mine.

This is my forth or fifth attempt at joining two Magic Valley individuals that crossed paths, and might have had a spark between them. In my single days, I preferred a more direct, face-to-face approach when asking someone out on a date, but hey, everyone is different.

Turning to a forum like the Twin Falls / Missed Connections page is just fine, but this method does hurt one's chances of developing the desired connection, simply because the communication itself is buried deep down in the bowls of the web underworld.

This post from April 11 involves a customer--I'm not going to assume it's a man, but I'm leaning that way based on the verbiage, "hit me back with your name"--that developed an interest in a waitress at the Twin Falls Outback Steakhouse.


To narrow the search, this particular waitress may have had a rough time last Saturday with a pack of prom kids. According to the post, some glances and words were exchanged.

To the individual that authored this missed connection post, I hope it works out. You can always try the old "wing-man table for two," in her section, if you seek a more immediate outcome--or go solo. And maybe strike the words, "hit me back," from your vocab, should you end up in her company again.

Just kidding. Good luck!

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