TWIN FALLS (KLIX) - After a vicious dog attack last week, the owner is facing possible charges and the animal has since been euthanize.

Twin Falls Spokesman Josh Palmer reports that owner Rosita Garibaldi Rojas could be facing charges after two of her dogs escaped and one of them attacked an innocent bystander. Police are still investigating the case.

The victim, and adult woman, was severely bitten by the animal while walking with another person near Robert Stewart Junior High in Twin Falls.

Rojas' two dogs were found and taken to Twin Falls Animal Shelter over the weekend. According to staff at the shelter one of the dogs was put down and that decision was made by the owner. The other dog is still being held at the shelter. Shelter staff says the dogs were not a pit bull mix but a boxer and American bulldog mix.

Palmer says the city is unable to put down the second dog without a court order.

The victim of the dog attack had severe injuries to her arms and legs after the initial dog attack last week.

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