Tragedy can happen to any of us at any time. You never expect it and it is never convenient.

Two young Twin Falls boys are now looking for help to avoid a tragedy. The Jones family just found out that their dad is in need of heart surgery and have set up a GoFund Me in order to raise the money for the medical bills. One of the sons writes on the fundraiser

My dad is a truly amazing, selfless person and to see him go through this absolutely breaks my heart. This is a very hard time for our family. Please keep us all in your prayers, and if you can donate it would be so much appreciated

I've seen GoFund Me used for a lot of different reasons and the ones that always seem to make the most sense are the ones that help a sick family member or friend. While the heart surgery is hopefully a few years away the family is planning and preparing now in case it happens sooner. If you can donate - awesome. If you can share the message with someone - that's awesome too.

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