Sometimes, you don't appreciate the blessings you have in your life until you see the realities that your neighbors deal with. If you do a search for Twin Falls, Idaho on GoFundMe, you will see that many who live where you do are in dire need of help.

I am aware that there are many online scams and that includes some GoFundMe accounts. So, please use discernment when deciding what, if any, campaigns that you will support.

Here are just a few Twin Falls families that are requesting help. The titles and descriptions are provided by the creators of these campaigns.

On Saturday, July 30, a loving mother, sister, daughter, & friend was taken too soon by the Lord leaving a 5 year old boy lost without his mother. We aren't asking for much, but this money would be going towards funeral costs and the well being of her son.

While participating in a ski trip with her high school ski club, 14 year old Taylor Biggs suffered a terrible accident that sadly took her life.

On a clear Saturday morning at the Soldier Mountain Ski Area in Fairfield Idaho, Taylor was involved in a ski accident that left her unconscious and not breathing. After 45 minutes of CPR by ski patrol, she was taken by Life Flight to Boise.  After a night in ICU, Taylor succumbed to her injuries.

The Fund will be managed by trustees of a memorial fund trust set up to administer the fund. The fund will be dedicated to paying the substantial medical bills, funeral expenses, and a lasting memorial to Taylor.

To earn enough for a burial plot so we can bury her and to have a good funeral to honor her life.

Baby Ashley was born 5 weeks premature and we had not got everything together for her yet. Anything helps since I am taking time off work to help with our 1 year old as well. Just trying to make it she will be in NICU for 2-5 weeks

My lady has had MS for 19 yrs, but a new lesion has made life very difficult for her, landing her in the hospital twice and now she is in a convalescence center. I have had to leave my job to help her in her recovery, and the bills are piling up fast. Need to get caught up, and get some mobility equipment for the home, in case she doesn't regain her former ability to get around with her walker. Any and all help is appreciated.

James was in a bad motorcycle accident on June 26th. He has multiple injuries. There is a chance he may need long term care. Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.

My name is Mark, I have a tramautic brain injury. I have a Service dog named Stoney who helps me with anxiety and seizures. He likes to sleep next to me on the bed, but recently he has been diagnosed with an ACL tear in his left knee. He hurts every day and this just kills me to watch this. I would rather trade places with him.
I am on a fixed income and unable to afford Surgery for him in Twin Falls. Can any one help? As soon as I can get some funds I can schedule the surgery. Thank You. Took him to the Vet again today his knee is worse, and now his right knee is bad too. What am I to do?

In May of this year I took my boat down to the river for a day of fishing. After about 20 minutes of pulling on the rope to start the motor, my back began to hurt, frustrated and in pain I loaded the boat up and went home.

That was the last normal day of my life. I fractured three vertebrae in my spine that day. I've been diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

I'm asking all of you my friends, family and loved ones to help me fight this battle. I'm unable to work and need funds to keep food on the table and a roof over my head.

I'm also in need of a wheelchair that is lightweight, the sport kind and a lumbar support brace. The brace will help me walk again. Thank you everyone who for all your support.


There are many more local requests for help. You can look at many on the GoFundMe page and decide if any inspire you to help if you are able.

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