When Hobby Lobby opened up in Twin Falls people were beyond excited. I was surprised at the response to another craft store being such a big deal in Twin Falls. We already had a few craft stores in town and I didn't get why Hobby Lobby was such a game changer to many in Twin Falls. I did a remote broadcast there during the grand opening and that is when I began to understand the excitement. The place was packed while I was there and I spent a good amount of my two hours there walking around trying to convince myself that the store wasn't that cool. By the end I was convincing myself that I didn't need all the things I was seeing, and I don't even do arts and crafts.

I went in again, most recently, to do some Christmas shopping as my wife has turned into an 85 year-old woman and crocheting hats and scarves is her new favorite hobby. I knew that Hobby Lobby had super soft yarn so I went there to get her a bunch. What I didn't realize is that I could have saved 40 percent on one of those skeins of yarn. If you frequent the store, you know that every day you have the option to use a 40 percent off of one item coupon. I didn't know this so I paid full price. Dang.

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If you have become accustomed to that daily 40 percent savings, you'll have to become accustomed to disappointment as they are killing off the coupon. The good news is that you have until February 28th to go in every day and stock up on craft items. After the 28th, they plan to offer better deals throughout the store on all items rather than the discount coupon for one item. Obviously the internet is not happy about the change as you can see in this Facebook post comment section.

I love that the original FB post about 50% off bakery supplies got hijacked by people upset at losing a 40% coupon. In fact, if you scroll through all their posts the comments are loaded with complaints about the coupon change.

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