A United States city safety website that tallies instances of crime and awards coinciding scores or grades has just failed Twin Falls, Idaho, for two main reasons.

In all my years as a resident of Twin Falls, one crime always seems to capture the attention and spark conversations of those that reside in my neighborhood. I've lived in areas of Twin Falls where I've experienced high incidents of domestic disturbances, vehicle break-ins, and drug use. Property theft and robbery are crimes that I've had family repeatedly fall victim to.

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If you visit YouTube and search for crime stories for the Twin Falls area, the majority of videos shared have to do with robbery and theft. I'm a very prepared homeowner for such possibilities. I don't rely on home security systems; my doors are always locked and my guns are always close by.

Crimegrade.org just awarded Twin Falls a D+ for overall safety. Just like most cities, crimes such as vandalism, assault, and identity theft were all included in the findings. The two crimes that earned the highest scores and ultimately resulted in the city's failing grade were burglary and theft.

The scoring is calculated by the website based on the frequency of crimes in an average year per 1,000 Twin Falls residents. The neighboring cities of Jerome and Hansen also scored poorly overall. Filer and Kimberly were the two bright spots of southern Idaho, with each averaging a B for a letter grade.

The website also found that a crime occurs on average every five hours in Twin Falls.

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