TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The Twin Falls County jail could make a move from downtown while the court facility might make a move up with a multi-story building. Twin Falls County Commissioner Don Hall told Bill Colley, on Magic Valley This Morning, the commission to build a new detention facility recently fleshed out recommendations to relocate the jail out from the central part of Twin Falls to an area near Rock Creek and the County West property. The area is less residential, plus the county already owns the land. Meanwhile, Hall said they'd possibly build a three story facility for the courts and only use two levels while the third would be space for future growth. Hall mentioned the cost to build now would be much cheaper than building in the future. The current jail facility could be used as a women's detention while temporarily housing inmates due for court. Estimated cost for a voter approved bond could be roughly $60-80 million for the relocation project. Hall said the jail facility could help repay the bond by housing out of area inmates, especially women. A final decision has not been made and the public will still have opportunities to comment.

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