For those of us that really enjoy getting out in our kayaks, this recorded, Snake River adventure, will surely make you jealous.

I've launched my kayak out of Centennial Waterfront Park in Twin Falls numerous times, but I have yet to make it to Pillar Falls. Our three-year-old son usually accompanies us, and time seems to never be on our side when we head down. The farthest my family and I have made it on this particular stretch of the Snake River is beneath the Perrine Bridge, and back.

A 30-minute-long,YouTube video shared on the channel of OrangeJeepDad, dated April 13, is a nice, calming run from the park to the falls. The occasional soft, tranquilizing sounds of the water lapping against the side of the Kayak, quite frankly, makes me hate the fact I'm at a desk right now.

With the peak kayaking months right around the corner, this is a nice way to motivate yourself to get out into the water.

Great video. Thanks for sharing.



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