I'm just kidding about the Twin Falls being scary at night part. Or, at least I think I'm kidding about Twin Falls being scary at night. But, I really do think we look pretty awesome from the sky at night and can prove it with a new video that's just been shared.

Our YouTube friend, Kade Andrews, shot this sweet drone video using a fancy DJI Phantom 4 drone. Kade, we really need to hang out with you more, by the way.

In this night video, he and his drone appear to launch near 5 Points and look north. I predict one of two possible responses people will have to this.

  1. You'll think the lights are pretty and go "awesome".
  2. You'll start complaining about all the commercialization in the middle of Twin and wish we could go back 40 years before Evel Knievel ruined this place.

I am gonna go with #1 and say I like pretty lights, but I'm easy about that kind of stuff. Oh, and I still think Evel Knievel is awesome, too. But, that's just me talking.

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