Twin Falls knows how to have parades! There is one for every special occasion and they just get better and better. With the parades coming our way, the yearly debate returns. Should candy be allowed to be thrown into the crowd by people on the floats, or no?

The Pros For Throwing Candy In A Parade

It is easier for those in the parade to get candy out there. Instead of running back and forth from float to curb, it can be easier just to toss a bunch out there. Plus, watching the kids scramble for the candy is half the fun. It is easier to get rid of all that candy too. Also, I really enjoy just tossing candy out there. The kids get a kick out of it too

The Cons For Throwing Candy

First and foremost, you could accidentally bean someone in the head with a lollipop and that is no fun. That hurts. There is also the issue of kids running out in front of the moving floats to try and grab the candy if it isn't thrown far enough. It can be a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

That being said, I don't have kids so it may not matter what my opinion is, but I am pro throwing. People can chuck it out far enough that kids can grab it. Maybe we could do a combination of both where some of it is thrown and then someone hands out the candy to those kids who can't run out and fight for it.

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