The Twin Falls Police Department and College of Southern Idaho (CSI) Campus Safety and Security are investigating a series of car burglaries that happened earlier this week.

Jim Munn, the Director of Public Safety at CSI, said the burglaries happened at Eagle View Apartments between Tuesday night, January 21, and Wednesday morning on January 22.

He said the burglaries happened to some locked and other unlocked vehicles sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Munn said he believes there were somewhere between four and six auto burglaries that happened.

The police and campus security don't have a suspect, but if you have any information about the burglaries you should call the Twin Falls Police Department at 735-HELP or the College of Southern Idaho Campus Security at 732-6605.

A reminder that if you have a vehicle, keep it locked at all times and take items you feel to be important with you instead of leaving them in the car.

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