Bad drivers are people most of us encounter on just about a daily basis in Twin Falls. Reckless drivers are something else entirely, and red light running is a traffic epidemic in the city.

I was having a discussion with some friends the other day and Twin Falls driving came up. A buddy of mine brought up the fact that he was nearly sideswiped on Falls Avenue by a motorist that sailed through a red light. He said he sees it happen almost every day at the intersection of Falls and Blue Lakes.

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Five Points is also notorious for this. People blow through red lights constantly, and it's frightening how many do it without hesitation. Maybe the fine should be stiffer than $90 in Idaho for doing this. Not to mention, lives are being put at risk every time it happens.

It's common to accelerate through a yellow light and have it turn red before passing completely through the intersection; we've all had that happen. Most of the time, cops will let this slide. I'm talking about the drivers that consciously step on the gas once the light turns red.

According to some police officers I've spoken to, traffic ticket quotas are merely a perception the public has and are not actually assigned to law enforcement officials. Bonuses for writing a certain number of citations a month or year are also a fallacy.

Red light running needs to be monitored more closely in Twin Falls. If quotas are actually a thing, the local police department would have no problem meeting them from pulling these people over and rewarding them with tickets.

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