I have been hearing on the news lately that the United States is currently dealing with a spike in domestic violence cases while Americans continue to remain at home for the most part during the Coronavirus pandemic. I thought I'd phone the Twin Falls Police Department Thursday to see if that rings true here in the county.

I received a call back from an officer with the Twin Falls Police Department at 10:30a on April 23. The officer didn't wish to have his name included in my story, but did give me an indication as to the volume of domestic-related calls they've received since the Coronavirus pandemic began being widely reported.

"Since early February, we have received a total of fifty-seven calls relating to domestic situations, " the officer stated after looking over some information at his desk. "Of those, twenty-seven, to date, resulted in reports, warrants, or people taken into custody."

The officer categorized these cases as ones involving spouses, or individuals living together, and also where children are present in the household.

I asked the officer if the fifty-seven calls were normal for that amount of time in the county, or if he felt the county was experiencing a spike like other cities in the nation.

"I'd say it's fairly normal, and right in line with what we deal with for that amount of time."

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