We have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Twin Falls Nara Ramen and Sushi Bar. When we first heard about the restaurant, they were hoping to be open in December. Then they were hoping to be open at the end of February. Unfortunately, they have to postpone their opening again.

According to their most recent Facebook update, the construction of the Twin Falls location is mostly done. That is great news. I have heard that construction on businesses all around the country had been halted or delayed. Thankfully, it appears most of that is not going to be an issue moving forward.

Also according to their Facebook post, what they are mostly waiting on is furniture and permits. If the construction is completed, hopefully, the permits will come fast. They are also waiting on tables and chairs and other equipment.

Nara Ramen and Sushi opened a location in Boise late last year so if you are interested in trying them out before the Twin Falls location opens, it could be worth the drive. The next time I am in Boise I will likely be giving it a try.

If their menu is the same, or similar, to their Boise location, they will have a variety of different authentic ramens, egg rolls, octopus, buns, and boba teas. That is just to name a few. The menu looks absolutely delicious. I am so ready for authentic ramen. If I were to guess, I have a feeling the restaurant will be open within a few weeks. It can't take that long to get permits and stuff right?

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