The administrator of a popular Facebook page devoted to the city of Twin Falls is asking for help with managing the site.

Upon searching, you'll find that Facebook has three main regional Rants & Raves pages which allow members the outlet to praise, admonish or defend area actions or businesses. There are two sites devoted to the city itself, and one that offers input for all of the Magic Valley.

The page titled, "Twin Falls ID Rants and Raves," which contains a collage of presumably Twin Falls' residents in its banner, is currently functioning without a site manager. The creator of the site--let's just say his initials are J.P.--has left the area, and is hoping a current resident can take over control of the page.

If you are interested, just search the site through Facebook, and click on the one with the correct title and banner, as described in the paragraph above. If you are not a current member, then just post your message of interest to the page itself, and I'm sure you will receive a swift response.

Happy ranting or raving!


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