The Twin Falls School District made the announcement late last week that they would remain in the "orange" protocol level for schools until at least November 9th due to COVID 19. On November 9th, they will reassess the need to do so.

According to the Twin Falls School District website schools will remain in a hybrid schedule until November 9th school board meeting where they will make the decision about what to do moving forward.

The school district website also stated, "There is a lack of a body of evidence to suggest closing schools will decrease community case rates of COVID 19. Given this, and the evidence to suggest going to entire virtual learning may lead to decreased student achievement, SCPHD supports the decision to stay in a hybrid model of learning..."

There is still face coverings being required where social distancing can't take place and virtual learning is done about half the week. The South Central Public Health District supported the decision for schools to remain in the orange protocol and the school district is trying to do the right thing.

I feel so bad for parents, especially homes where both parents have to work or single parent homes. It has to be hard to find someone to help with learning and babysitting while they go to work. But I know the school district is just doing what they are hoping is the right thing.

Hopefully sooner rather than later this whole thing goes away.

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