The Twin Falls Senior Center is throwing a party with all the right stuff: beer and wine, prime rib, and poker!

Saturday, November 9th, 2013 is the Twin Falls Senior Center's Texas Hold'em Tourney and they're looking for table sponsors.  They're tax deductible plus there's a prime rib dinner in it for you.  I'm in!!!

What if you're not a senior?  Well, the only certain thing in life is that we ALL will age.  One day, I will be a senior, and so will you!  Plus, everyone is welcome to the Twin Falls Senior Center for this event and always!

Twin Falls Senior Center really does rock.  Their food is soooo good, everyone there is so welcoming, and without them a lot of people would go hungry.

If you'd like to reserve or sponsor a table for the Twin Falls Senior Center's Texas Hold'em Tournament next Saturday (November 9, 2013), call 208-734-5084.

Thanks to Jeannette Roe from the Twin Falls Senior Center for talking about this fun event:

PS - A bunch of us from the radio station will be there.  Join us!

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