Halloween weekend in Twin Falls included a couple of outdoor events that were very well attended. Following the annual Trick or Treat on Main Street event, several locals expressed displeasure in the number of adults smoking near children on a local social media site.

This Halloween was seriously a lot of fun in Twin Falls. It was great to see so many kids out celebrating. Compared to last year where a number of events were canceled due to Coronavirus, and many Magic Valley families found celebrating too big of a health risk, this year's celebration reminded me of the good old days.

The Disney Princess-themed event on Mountain View Drive attracted a lot of people. We drove by Saturday, which was the only day the home was hosting it, and the line wrapped around the block. Other local events included Saturday's Trick or Treat on Bish's Street, and the annual Trick or Treat on Main Street.

Shortly after the downtown celebration ended, I noticed some comments posted on the Rants And Raves Twin Falls Area Facebook page, that were from area residents upset with the number of people smoking in lines next to kids. In order to read the comments, you have to be accepted by the page's host. As a former smoker, I understand why people would be angered over kids being exposed to second-hand smoke.

I was one of the fortunate ones who was able to quit cold turkey. When I was smoking, I made sure to never do it around kids. I don't think it necessarily makes a person evil if they are smoking near kids, but I get why some are frustrated.

Do you think smoking at outdoor events where kids are present in Twin Falls should be banned?

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