Here's a question I have for Magic Valley lovers of two of our more comparable Mexican fast food chains. Does location between the two chains factor in at all when the craving hits?

Something I've noticed about the two restaurants in Twin Falls is that one seems to be much busier than the other. My wife and I probably eat at both locations maybe once or twice a month. I will sometimes admittedly chose location over quality, if I just don't feel like driving to a certain area of town.

Between the two fast food locations--Taco John's on Washington Street North, and Taco Bell on Blue Lakes Boulevard North--I really don't have a preference. I do know I tend to wait a considerable amount of time longer at Taco Bell than Taco John's, and it's my opinion that the two are relatively comparable in quality. The last couple of times we've eaten at Taco John's, we've been able to drive right up to the menu, with no wait at all.

I think it's safe to say that Taco Bell seems to do more business in Twin Falls than Taco John's. Is the convenience of having more of a variety of businesses near Taco Bell driving more customers to that location?

Which restaurant has the more ideal location in your opinion? And, does location sway you at all when it comes to quality? Which do you prefer?

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