Jaren Thompson won’t play the school district’s game.  The veteran teacher told the Board of Education he’s walking away from the classroom because he can’t support woke gender policies.  Some have been in place for several years.  Thompson is a devout man and cited several recent court cases to bolster his position.  Cases the school’s lawyers have likely also followed and noted.

Thompson explained at a Monday board meeting that also he can’t violate biological science and then teach that there are multiple genders in order to appease confused students.  You can watch his comments on YouTube by clicking here.

I met Thompson at a political forum a couple of years ago.  He’s an intelligent and dedicated public servant.  He made clear his traditional values during his presentation that night.  At the time, he was a candidate for Twin Falls City Council.

Meanwhile, I’ve been informed that several teacher resignations are pending in neighboring Kimberly, where there are attempts to force a new gender policy on students, staff, and the public.  It appears the woke fad is on the march in conservative southern Idaho.  When it comes to parents who would like to maintain set community standards, they really need to be at board meetings.  I’ve watched as residents of several counties have put together impressive opposition to proposed wind farms.  I applaud the effort.

Now ask yourselves, 50 years from now when we’ve lost several generations to Marxist gender ideology, will people wonder why we didn’t have the same passion for our kids?  Wind farms may go up but also come down.  Your children are another matter.  This is an existential threat.

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