If you're like me, and you enjoy movies that are so gross most people can't hack watching to the end, then you'll be very excited to learn that the Magic Valley Cinema 13 just added what is being hailed as possibly the sickest film ever made.

Halloween is Monday. In honor of this glorious time of year, it appears the Magic Valley Cinema 13 has done what at least 100 other movie theaters have done in the past week. They've signed on to show Terrifier 2, which is about a killer clown named "Art."

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(Warning: Trailer has some fake movie blood and might be too scary for kids)

I saw the original Terrifier movie last year, and it was pretty gross. I'm a big fan of clowns, and it's time Pennywise steps up his game, or "Art the Clown" is going to single-handedly own the genre of over-the-top, gory movies. I haven't seen Terrifier 2, which was released in select theaters nationwide on October 6, but the buzz has been so massive that other movie houses have lined up to show the film to local audiences. I called the Magic Valley Cinema 13 on Tuesday just before noon and got confirmation that they'll be showing Terrifier 2 starting Friday night (October 28).

Can Twin Falls handle this movie? Based on my memory of the first Terrifier film, I'm gonna say that some people definitely won't make it to the end of the film. As far as puking, which has been reported as happening at a few theaters in the United States, I'm gonna say a couple of Twin Falls viewers might spew.

Even Stephen King gave the movie two enthusiastic thumbs up in a recent social media post. Good luck Twin Falls, and don't forget to bring your vomit bags.

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