As much as people claim to know nothing about Idaho or that it isn't worth visiting, there sure are a lot of people who come here to vacation. Thanks to the modern conveniences of social media and WiFi pretty much everywhere, we can see the great adventures visitors post online. There never seems to be a shortage of stories or pictures about visits to the Shoshone Falls or the Perrine Bridge.

CSI posted about an Olympic hopeful with words of encouragement.

How did we miss this? Tom Hanks was in Twin Falls and stopped to eat at McAlister's.

The announcement date for the grand opening of Kohl's has a lot of people excited.

This one is kind of a cheat, but a good reminder of what the falls could look like soon. Currently they do not look like this picture, there is barely any water coming over today.

Members of the Twin Falls Police Department visited students at school.

We are assuming this is what Pillar Falls looks like right now.

A good video of a BASE jump is also an essential on our list.

I feel like the temperatures warming up are a good sign that we'll see more outdoor adventure and activity pictures soon on social media sites.

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