A new episode that includes cast interviews and thoughts on the success of the highly popular Netflix program, "Tiger King," is now available to stream on the service.

For fans of the show, the wait for the new episode of "Tiger King" is over. I had heard last week that Netflix production crews shot an updated show, and that it was being rushed to Netflix upon completion. I opened Netflix up on my television this morning, and there it was. Having seen the entire debut season, I can say it's one of the more interesting (and hilarious) programs I've watched on the service.

For those that haven't watched the show yet, I won't give you any spoilers. The program deals with the breeding and raising of "big cats" in the United States. The show's main character, "Joe Exotic," became a household name following its release, and faces the music in the show's finale for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot. That's all I'll say.

The new episode, which is called, "The Tiger King and I," is shot in the style of a Q & A, and includes an update on the cast. Actor and comedian Joe McHale hosts the program. "Tiger King" has been the highest rated show for more than two weeks on the streaming service.

The bonus episode of Tiger King is now available on Netflix

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There are an estimated 200 "big cat" zoos in the United States

Marc Piscotty, Getty Images

There are more confined "big cats" in the U.S. than there are roaming free in the world.

Marc Piscotty
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