Dog or cat sitting is something we've all had to look into at one point in our lives. It's a little more tricky however when the animal you're trying to find a temporary home for has wings.

I have a ten year old English Bulldog, and I've had to board it one time for a trip my family went on several years ago. It's a nerve-racking experience. While we ultimately got her back in fine shape, the 48 hours we had to leave her with a stranger were very stressful, and not just for us, but I'm sure for our dog as well.

A duck presents a whole bunch of different challenges. Having the ability to get high enough off the ground to clear a fence, and the fact a duck is not exactly an animal you want flapping around your living room, one would think finding someone to care for it short term might be a more difficult endeavor.

duck snip

There is a woman in Twin Falls who you can tell LOVES her duck, and is looking for someone to keep it safe for a few days while she's away. The time frame appears to be the last two weeks of March.  She only mentions she is seeking someone who also owns ducks, has a pond or water source, and some free time coming up.

She is also open to suggestions, according to the February 1, 2020 post. Apparently, she will compensate someone to the tune of $200.

There's a chance she may have already found someone to care for her duck, but if you think you have an ideal solution for her, you might want to attempt to contact her.


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