Authorities in Twin Falls, along with the assistance of a bomb squad unit, responded to an area residence after a family came across two military explosives while looking through some stored items.

Members of a Magic Valley family recently stumbled across what has been reported to be a pair of World War II explosives, according to details shared at The grenades were packed away with the belongings of a family veteran.

The incident was reported to authorities on October 17. The items were reportedly found in separate locations in the home. One grenade was discovered in a box, and the other in with some of the veteran's personal effects.

At least one of the explosives was handled as a live weapon. The inherited belongings were found by a member of the family, who alerted police. The exact location of the Magic Valley home was not disclosed.

Grenades can remain active for decades if stored correctly. Section 18-3319 of Idaho law states it is illegal to own such explosives. A fine, as well as a five year jail sentence, can result from such acts.

The grenades were handed over to officials from the Mountain Home Air Force Base, which is located approximately 100 miles northwest of Twin Falls. It was reported the items were exposed of at an area landfill.

Because of the dating of the grenades, they are thought to be at least 80 years old. Information on whether or not the explosives were those of United States military manufacturing was not released either.


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