Idaho Humane Society

I'm not the most religious man walking the planet (hold on, I was just almost hit by fallen debris), but I am aware of the story of Jesus' baptism and the symbolism of the dove mentioned in Matthew 3:16. There are apparently a pair of these highly-revered, winged creatures, that are sitting in a cage in southwest Idaho awaiting a new home. Coincidence?

How's this for timing? Here we are, just a couple weeks away from celebrating the birth of Christ, and all of a sudden friggin doves are being abandoned in the state of Idaho. Alright, so I might be reaching a tad with this link, but that doesn't change the fact that these might be the two most attractive birds I've ever seen in my life.

The Idaho Humane Society is currently caring for these two lovely 3-year-old doves. Their names are "Angel" and "Sunrise," and they were left at the facility by a family that could no longer care for them, according to a post on the society's Facebook page.

If you are interested in providing a caring home for these two, please contact the humane society at 208-342-3508.

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