Utah residents who watch pornography on a regular basis awoke Tuesday (May 2) to learn that they have been banned from one of the most popular adult streaming sites in North America over the age verification process that's been put into place to prevent underage viewing.

Porn fans in the Beehive State got blocked Tuesday by the Canadian-based streaming website PornHub. The website archives thousands of videos that are available to the public on both a subscription basis and free of charge. Many sites that feature adult content require users to follow certain steps to verify age, such as entering birthdates or other personal information.

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The announcement of Utah's pornography plight broke Wednesday on numerous websites including Fox News. The site used a recorded message from a popular adult film actress to spread the word to Utah residents about the decision made to require age verification to access Pornhub following the passage of Senate Bill 287.

Pornhub generates an estimated $97 billion a year, according to data from Daily Mail. Forty million Americans regularly visit porn sites, according to findings by Webroot. Without age verification, many supporters of the bill make the argument that young children will be able to access pornography as easily as other websites such as YouTube.

Children have become more Internet savvy in recent years since classroom instruction started regularly including the use of Chromebooks and tablets. Parental locks and viewing filters on home computers and tablets have been an effective way to keep kids from seeing pornography for years.

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