The results are in.  After much testing, the “tech sites” are all pretty much reporting the same reviews about Verizons version of the iPhone 4.  AND… Yup…  It’s an iPhone 4.

There’s not really much to say about the device that hasn’t already been said.  It’s a nice device.  Apple Fanboys will love it.  The glass casing on front and back seemed like a good choice at first, but time with the device suggests that the “pretty” is eclipsed by a drop on the ground resulting in a shattered screen.

Verizon customers who want an iPhone will be in Apple heaven.  ATT customers who live in areas where Verizon has better service will consider switching.  Just be careful in this area.  There are some things you should consider.

1.  Most testers agree that ATT Data SPEED is FASTER.  Websites load faster.  Videos stream faster.  According to many reviewers,  Verizon is more stable and consistent but not necessarily faster.

2.  If you use the iPhone as a PHONE, you might consider a switch.  Most reviews agree:  Verizon has a better calling network.  Moar claim that Verizon is more stable and testers experienced fewer dropped calls.

3.  On Verizon, you cannot use data and talk at the same time.  (With ATT, you can do both.)  I’m not sure this is a major deal breaker for anyone.  However, I can recall a couple of times when I was on my ATT iPhone while talking and I needed to check a website for some information while on the call.  It was handy.

Then there’s always the… ‘I already have a device.  I have an Android phone and I love it.’ Brilliant!  In the end, the perfect choice for you is the one that YOU like best.  Don’t the Apple Fanboys or the Crackberry Heads or the Droid Drones tell you otherwise.  The perfect phone for you is the one you like best.

So far, one of the best reviews I’ve read about the iPhone 4 ala Verizon was on Engadget.  Check it out.  I’ve read it though a couple times and it’s one of the more objective reviews I’ve seen so far.

Apple is already making the best of both worlds by promoting the fact that you can now own and use your “precious” on the service of your choice.

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