Cats play.  Even really big cats.  A Montana couple captured just such a moment while driving to an athletic tournament.  The competition in the road was much more intriguing.  The animals could be fighting but anyone who has domestic cats would recognize this as being more playful.  The animals rolled around in the highway and then along a roadside embankment.

It all took place on Route 2, near Troy, which is much closer to Bonners Ferry, Idaho than Kalispell, Montana.  It’s very close to the Idaho state line.

Most of us never realize how close we live to wildlife.  Especially mountain lions.  They’re known to be shy when it comes to people, although.  As we move more and more into the back country there are more encounters and not all are happy events.  Mountain lions are now common in Blaine County.  One was wandering near the airstrip in Hailey not all that long ago and sometimes they get a little too close to schools.  You may also remember a driver spotted one behind the Kimberly Post Office.

Of course, you’re safe if you spot one from a car (unless your top is down, I suppose).  If you otherwise encounter a large cat, don’t turn your back and run away.  I’ve been told you should back away slowly.

A few years ago I swear I heard a snarling big cat near the storage barn at work.  It was still dark and I didn’t investigate.  We work near the Rock Creek Canyon, which is a major thoroughfare for animals in the Magic Valley.

You can see the cats playing by clicking on the video below.

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