I have two big fears in life, and those are snakes and heights. Flying in any sort of machine is something that deeply rattles my nerves, but I'm good with watching other people do it.

Powered Paragliding is insane to me. It's something we see regularly in the Magic Valley, particularly over the Snake River Canyon. I watched one buzz about 1,000 feet over my head while kayaking last summer and I though...hell no.

I still do admire those that get to experience what it's like to fly above something as majestic as the Snake River. A video posted to YouTube on July 25, 2020, on the channel of Abbie's Adventures gives viewers an incredible sunset view above the canyon. It was taken at sunset, and has sort of a calming effect. It must have been a spectacular experience for the pilot.

This was apparently this person's second time in a powered paraglider, according to the video description. The pilot has five years experience with paragliding, and appears to know what she is doing. Flights over the Perrine Bridge are quite common, but it's not everyday you see someone go under it.

The video is truly a must watch. My thanks to the person who shared it. It gives people like myself an opportunity to see this incredible vantage point that I wouldn't normally get the opportunity to see. Paragliding will not be in my immediate future, but it sure is cool to watch.

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