To say I'm a 'little' worried about the youth of America is a 'little' bit of an understatement. My biggest fear with my kids is that they won't know how to function once they aren't living in my house anymore. Kids are so dependent on their parents and electronic devices that they have forgotten about the great big world outside.

What Should Kids Be Doing

I spend a lot of time outdoors with my family. We kayak, camp, fish, and visit parks all around town but as soon as we get back home the kids don't seem to be able to function without asking for screen-time. It has gotten so bad that we give them a limit each day of 30 minutes for watching a show or playing a video game. They fought it so hard for the first week and have finally accepted their fate.

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We now have a list of things to do when you are bored so they don't come to us, the parents, every five minutes asking what they can do. The usual answer to that now is that they can do more chores or find something fun to do.

Is It Parenting Or Technology At Fault?

I think that my wife and I are great parents and we are very nosey about what our kids are doing, but I do wish they would leave the house every once in a while without us forcing them to. Are we too good of parents that they just want to be near us all the time or is it because their electronics are at home and that's why they choose to never go out?

I've been thinking about that this afternoon after I was scrolling YouTube for Idaho-related videos and found a short one of a few teens rolling a boulder down a hill. That's what kids should be doing. They should be outdoors more, getting their hands dirty, and causing a little mischief (but still legal) with their friends.

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