Early yesterday morning just a few hours away in Utah, State Trooper Ruben Correa noticed a man was unconscious behind the wheel of his car--which was positioned on a set of train tracks where a locomotive was fast approaching.

Correa then sprinted out of his vehicle, removed the man from his car and dragged him off the tracks at the last possible moment before the train hit his vehicle.

KSL reports that the driver, who experienced an unknown medical issue before the crash, is safe and with his family now.

"I'm still trying to process everything that happened," Correa said later Wednesday morning. "I'm just very grateful that I was able to get him out and he's alive and he's back with his family now."

Wow! Check out this footage the trooper's dash cam. He really does pull him out at the last second possible before the train hits and saves his life. Talk about timing. That man is Blessed for real!

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