Drummer Tommy Lee recently made headlines revealing that in the aftermath of Motley Crue's final show on New Year's Eve, his fellow bandmates didn't even say goodbye before exiting the venue for the final time. But as seen in the upcoming The End film, that's really not too surprising as the interviews paint a band that was at its most together when they were onstage.

Singer Vince Neil echoed some of Lee's sentiments, stating (as transcribed by Ultimate Classic Rock), "The politics of being in a band shouldn’t be as tough as it is," and later adding, “The hardest part about being in Mötley Crüe is being in Motley Crue. I don’t know if other bands of our stature go through some of the crap that we go through. That’s just the tough part. Being onstage and doing that stuff, that’s just the easy part.”

Bassist Nikki Sixx also states that he and his former bandmates "probably won't see each other" now that touring for the band is complete. “We don’t hang out now — we don’t hang out. We go on stage … like motherf--kers. But we don’t hang out. We don’t go to dinner, we don’t go to each other’s houses for Christmas. We’re not enemies, but we’re not friends … I’ll probably never see them, except in passing," explained Sixx.

"We wanted to continue as long as we could," states guitarist Mick Mars. "But like with any band, there were different directions." Lee adds, "Agreeing on something sometimes, getting all four of us to do the same thing? It’s f--king brutal."

But in the end, the band members' shared history and the love of the fans is what kept them going and The Final Tour proved to be a success. For those who weren't in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve this past year, you can see The End farewell concert film when it screens in theaters June 14. Check here for screening locations.

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