Walmart didn't feel that its Black Friday deals were enough, so it decided to add in some pre-Black Friday deals to blow away its rivals.

In its Black Friday deals, Walmart already had an exclusive PlayStation 4 package which was pretty fantastic. The Black Friday deal put Walmart ahead of many of its competitors by letting shoppers get a PS4 along with two games of their choosing for $449. This deal could be used with the upcoming PS4/Grand Theft Auto V bundle, giving you even more games for the price.

Now, Walmart will be releasing some pre-Black Friday deals, Polygon reports. These deals will start on Nov. 21 and run up until Thanksgiving. Select Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games will be on sale for $29.96 each. There isn't a list of which games this will pertain to unfortunately.

Buying a PlayStation 4 will now score you a $50 Walmart gift card, matching what Target was going to be doing. Combine this deal with the $449 PS4 deal mentioned above, and you're getting a PS4, four games (two included with Sony's GTA V bundle) and a $50 gift card for $449.

The deals continue with the iPad Mini 3 (16 GB WIFI) for $389 or a iPad Air 2 (16 GB WIFI) for $489. Buying either of these will get you a $100 gift card. The iPhone 5s (16 GB) and iPhone 6 (16 GB) are also on sale for $79 and $179, respectively (both under a two-year contract), and each comes with a $75 Walmart gift card.

For more information, you can see Walmart's Pre-Black Friday Deals flyer on its website or just peruse its stores tomorrow for the deals.

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