I have a special place in my heart for families that adopt children. When most of us think of adoption, we think of young children or babies. The reality is there is a staggering number of teens that are looking for a home. One Washington state teen recently made his own video looking for someone who wants to adopt him.

"Everybody needs a family."

Meet Riley. Riley is featured by the Northwest Adoption Exchange. They are a non-profit organization that works to help find homes for children in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

As you'll see if you watch Riley's video, he's a big fan of literature and music. That includes guitar lessons in one of the foster homes that Riley has been in.

According to Riley, the search is for acceptance. In the video, the one thing Riley says multiple times really hit home with me.

"Everybody needs a family."

Such a simple phrase that most of us can take for granted. But, for teens like Riley, it's what they hope and dream about.

If you have a heart for this, look at Riley's full profile on the Northwest Adoption Exchange website. Because, everybody needs a family, right?

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