There's no question that Idaho is a great state for outdoor exploration. There are millions of untapped acres of pristine backcountry to enjoy in the Gem State, and one Idaho pooch appears to make the case that the happiest dogs come from Idaho.

My last pet was an English Bulldog. She passed away of old age in the winter of 2021 in southern Idaho and was not what I would call an outdoor dog, no matter how hard we tried. We often took "Babs" on weekend stays in the mountains of southwestern Idaho, Lake Walcott, and north to campgrounds near Sawtooth City and the South Hills.

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Central and southern Idaho is a magical place for people and their dogs. It's an outdoor enthusiasts' paradise, and there are so many spots to disappear and let dogs roam free off-leash without having to worry about a potential confrontation with strangers.

I recently came across some YouTube videos that feature a magnificent Idaho dog that appears to be a huge fan of Idaho's natural beauty. One just needs to search the keywords "Idaho," "run," "mountains," and "snow" to pull up these highly-viewed clips of what might be the state's happiest dog.

I've never seen an animal look more comfortable being filmed in the outdoors. This dog should have its own travel show. I also appreciate how the owner allowed the animal to be the star of these videos.

When she was alive, getting my bulldog to move from her bed and get her paws in the river was like trying to move a piano across the floor with a bungee chord. She fought with all her might against enjoying herself while on camping trips, but it's in the breed I suppose.

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