Here's a tough one for me since I grew up in Utah but have lived in Idaho for more than a decade. The question is: Who has better scenery, Utah or Idaho? I just found a YouTube video that does a pretty good job of making you change your mind every scene they show of a different location.

Utah vs Idaho landscape really is an apples to oranges comparison which makes picking a 'better state' a tough and probably impossible choice to make. Utah has the red rocks of Southern Utah and Idaho has the thick forests of Northern Idaho. Each state has rivers, lakes, unique land formations, and other impressive scenic locations.

Watch The Video And See If You Can Choose Between Idaho and Utah Scenery

It isn't fair to pick Idaho just because you live here. You can't deny that Utah is also full of beautiful locations you would love to visit on vacation and the same goes for Idaho. After watching the video do you think you can pick a winner or is this an 'everyone gets a trophy' kind of contest?

The video is an interesting contrast because it starts with footage of the Great Salt Lake then heads to the red rock formations of Southern Utah. It isn't until about 1:30 into the video that we get our first shot of Idaho and it is the beautiful and colorful vegetation and waters of Coeur d'Alene. Up until that point you'd say Utah is gorgeous.

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The following scene change is an interesting and stark choice because it goes from lush Idaho forest to barren Utah rocks. Throughout the video it relies pretty heavily on the Great Salt Lake for Utah, which in my opinion is not actually a beautiful lake. That's like showing Dierkes Lake or Craters of the Moon as a beauty leader in Idaho. Show it once and then move on to something better.

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