Most dogs absolutely hate vacuum cleaners. I had an English bulldog that would lose her mind every time the vacuum fired up, but I can't say I remember her ever sicking the thing.

Vacuum cleaners and dogs go together about as well as Boise State and Nevada. I'm not sure if it's the sound, the vibration the vacuum makes, or if dogs think they are some kind of robotic threat. All I know is every dog I've owned has been either scared to death of them, or completely in attack mode. Vacuums are indeed dog triggers.

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I read an unsourced statistic online that said 28 percent of dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners. The only thing dogs fear more are fireworks. There's no real data on the subject, as laboratory tests appear to have never been conducted. I'm not sure this would be a good use of taxpayers' money.

A funny video uploaded to YouTube on the Channel of Idaho Eyes shows one dog's reaction to its owner trying to tidy up the living room. The back-and-forth leg movement is a common sight when dogs react to these floor cleaning machines. Barking is also very common as the dog is warning the vacuum to stay in its lane. Biting the vacuum cleaner is a bit more rare I must say, and it's obvious this animal is attempting to harm it.

Our old dog used to carry away the vacuum attachments in protest. We'd have to turn off the vacuum and chase her around the house in order to get them back. It was actually a very clever method of throwing a monkey wrench into the entire operation.

Here's to all the Idaho dogs that hate vacuum cleaners.

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