Gunplay and the holidays just go hand in hand in Idaho. One of our longtime traditions in Twin Falls has been to bring our guns out to the South Hills while Christmas tree hunting and do some target practice and feast on fried chicken from Albertsons.

Idaho has been getting some early snow this fall, and another round is on the way next week. Conditions in some regions of the state are perfect for taking the family out and building snowmen. What you do with those snowmen is totally up to you.

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One Idaho family shared a video of their special afternoon with their frozen buddy. The video is from a few years back, but it's worth sharing as I'm guessing many of you haven't seen it yet. I particularly enjoyed the title of this touching footage, "Killing a Snowman. Idaho style."

One of the most enjoyable things about this video is just how much delight the children get from seeing Frosty totally obliterated. They cheer loudly as the snowman's anatomy peppers the landscape. We normally spare iconic holiday characters when we take target practice, but then again one of the great things about snowmen is you can rebuild them.

We hope you and your family have a great upcoming holiday. It's hard to be down when Christmas music is playing, the snow is falling, and the scotch is aged. Am I right?

If pumping a few rounds into Frosty is part of your Idaho holiday celebration, then more power to you.

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