Graduation day is one of the most important achievements in a person's life. Some people find it hard to hold their enthusiasm back, and every year people have not-so-graceful exits from academia.

I graduated a long ass time ago. The only thing I really remember about the day was it being crazy hot. I graduated high school with a 2.08 grade point average, so to say I was excited to close this chapter of my life is an understatement.

Hopefully, that fall isn't a peek at what's to come in this kid's future.

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I had much more success in college than I did in high school. I was more mature when I was handed my college diploma. Thankfully, I managed to get off the stage without bringing too much attention to myself. One recent Idaho Falls graduate wasn't able to make a similar claim.

A YouTube video clip of an individual tripping and falling off the stage is slowly gaining traction online. I'm not sure if it was staged, or if this person really got so excited they took a header in front of the entire audience before accepting a diploma.

It doesn't appear that any injuries were sustained by the fall. A bow was even given after the graduate managed to climb back onto the stage. The crowd can be heard laughing loudly in the video. Hopefully, that fall isn't a peek at what's to come in this kid's future.

Congratulations to the entire class of 2024 across the entire state of Idaho. Great work!

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