As someone who has both purchased and sold a home in Idaho, I might be part of the state's housing boom and mass exodus from the west in some people's opinion. I'll admit, I benefited greatly by selling my Twin Falls home after owning it for just two years, but I also have never blamed out-of-staters for the current overcrowding plight.

I'm not a second, third, or fourth-generation Idahoan. I moved to the state years ago for work, and so my wife could be closer to her family who is from Idaho. I was conditioned by my spouse's family on what to expect while in the process of settling in the Gem State. It didn't take long to figure out that there is a great deal of resentment toward people moving to the Gem State from Oregon, Washington, and California.

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Wranglerstar is a YouTube channel hosted by a guy named Cody who has very deep roots in Idaho. His great, great grandfather owned land in Sun Valley, followed right behind by his grandfather and father. The DIY channel has more than 2 million subscribers, and judging by the comments, Cody is very well-liked and respected by Idahoans.

A video shared a few months back was very interesting to watch when I had a few minutes on Thursday, and its subject was the selling of property by Idaho landowners. As far as a large percentage of Idahoans are concerned, the blame for the current rate of expansion and overcrowding falls square on the shoulders of those moving to Idaho and buying up houses, and not the Idaho sellers who are making the process possible.

Do you agree with Cody that too much blame for the current Idaho housing market is misguided?

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